31 December 2015 JimClermonts

Best of 2015: A Special present for smart people



2015 Was a beautiful year. I would like to thank everyone that helped me progress in achieving my life goals. For these people & others I’ve made a selection of my top valuable videos of last year.

They’re divided in 5 categories:

  • Software
  • Inspirational
  • Visions
  • Productivity
  • Money & business

Thanks to the internet & good, free tutorials on almost any topic, there is no excuse anymore to learn & become great. And without further ado, here is the list:


  1. The Clean Code Talks
  2. Just enough you need to know about JavaScript, Linux and Command shell
  3. Design Patterns
  4. Algorithms
  5. GIT Tutorial 3
  6. Learning to program in C
  7. Developing iOS 7 Apps
  8. Android fundamentals
  9. Writing Clean Code for humans


  1. Tai Lopez how to become great
  2. Jason Silva London Real
  3. Everything is a remix
  4. Tai Lopez
  5. Tai Lopez TedX
  6. De Techmens
  7. Oren Klaff
  8. Tony Robbins
  9. Zeitgeist 1
  10. Zeitgeist 2
  11. Zeitgeist 3
  12. The Secret
  13. Robert Greene
  14. De herovering van het nu
  15. Jack Dorsey
  16. Inventing on principle
  17. Ryan Holiday
  18. Ricardo Semler


The future of software and our society:

  1. The future of technology Jason Silva
  2. Yuri van geest Exponential growth
  3. Yuri van geest Singularity
  4. Adjied bakas
  5. Exponential Thinking Peter Diamandis
  6. Peter Diamandis Abundance
  7. The future with Oculus Rift
  8. Cybertopia
  9. The networked Society
  10. Networked Society Shaping ideas
  11. Kees Zegers over de toekomst
  12. Ray Kurzweil – Transcendent Man
  13. Peter Thiel’s altruism
  14. Chris Dancy: The journey to existence mapping
  15. Tegenlicht: Peter diamandis overvloed
  16. Carlo van de Weijer: Future mobility
  17. Yuri Van Geest: The singularity
  18. Zero Days
  19. Digitaal geheugenverlies
  20. Persoonlijke data
  21. Jamie Bartlett – Inside The Digital Underworld | London Real
  22. Salim Ismael Exponential Finance

The future of working:

Het nieuwe werken

The future of education:

The future of learning

Maurice de Hond over iPad scholen

Ivory Tower

The future of Business models:

Einde van bezit

The future of money

Bitcoin documentary


  1. Tim Ferriss
  2. Fed up
  3. Sicko Michael Moore
  4. The plateau Effect

Money & Business


  1. De wall street code
  2. Inside Job
  3. Het snelle geld
  4. Belasting betalen is voor dommen
  5. Bitcoin Evangelie


  1. Startup engineering
  2. Venture financing


I wish you all a very entitled & insightful 2016


Yours truly: Jim Clermonts

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